Fields Boss Shares Golf Benefits

Joshua Motorti


The ninth edition of the Gold Fields PGA Golf championship tees off today at 18-hole Damang Golf Course, Damang.

The four-day event, expected to end this Saturday, will feature 33 regular professional golfers and 16 seniors.

In all, the regular pros will play all rounds for two days and will be cut to 24 for the remaining two days, whereas the seniors will play all rounds for two days and will be cut to eight for the last day.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the teeing off at Damang, Executive Vice President for Gold Fields and Head of West Africa, Joshua Motorti, revealed    “I would like to thank our sponsors for supporting and coming on board. Without their support, this cannot be possible. For us at Gold Fields, safety is health, and health is sports, and are all part of our core activities. Safety goes well in hand with sports, which is one of our values, for this reason we have chosen golf, so let us all enjoy the tournament.”

The total prize money for the regular pros is GH¢267,000 and that of the seniors is GH¢69,500, making a grand total of GH¢336,500.

This is an increment in the total prize money from last year, which was GH¢172,000.

Winning prize for this year is GH¢60,000 for regular pros and GH¢20,000 for seniors.

Joshua Motorti, EVP for Gold Fields and Head of West Africa

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