Fuel Station Ruined My Car With Diluted Petrol- Fameye


Highlife artiste Fameye is alleging a fuel station in Ghana has been selling petrol products diluted with water.

In a tweet on Wednesday, he said the car got damaged after buying fuel at the station.

“So a few days ago, I go buy fuel for one fuel station,700 cedis, the rest is heartbreaking. They filled my tank with water mixed with petrol as I’m talking to you now my car Honda pilot touring 2019 model is spoilt…Spent 7k already still not working!!! What do I do,” he tweeted.

Fameye purchased the SUV, 2019 model last year. It reportedly cost about $32,000 from an auto dealer in Accra.

Upon purchase, an excited Fameye shared photos of the interior and exterior of his black luxurious car which earned him praise from his fans.

Barely a year later, he seems to be losing hope the car would be back on the streets.