Ghana Link Grants OSP ICUMS Platform Access

Nick Danso Adjei


The Chairman of Ghana Link Network Services Ltd (Ghana Link), Nick Danso Adjei, has announced the company’s readiness to grant executive access to the Integrated Customs Management Systems (ICUMS) platform, following a request from the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP).

ICUMS, known for its ability to streamline customs processes through a single-window system, has gained significant attention from various stakeholders.

Mr. Danso Adjei, the driving force behind ICUMS’ implementation, expressed his support for the OSP’s interest in the platform, emphasizing that their presence would ensure transparency and smooth operations and allay fears of any kind.

“I know they are sorting some few things like what specific information they need out with the GRA, but it is welcoming news to know that the OSP has shown interest to be on the platform, and I think it is good to have him there. Our doors are always open to all government agencies who show interest to come on the platform or use it to enhance their work,” said Nick Danso.

The Chairman highlighted that the National Security, Ghana Immigration Services, and other relevant security agencies are already active on the ICUMS platform, making the inclusion of the OSP a positive development.

He urged stakeholders to remain calm and allow the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to engage with the OSP regarding the necessary access and modalities required.

In response to the OSP’s request, the GRA has assembled a team of nine members led by Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Addah Charles Pagase to discuss executive access to ICUMS with the Special Prosecutor. The team aims to facilitate communication, address concerns, and provide clarification on the request.

However, the Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana has expressed concerns about the sensitivity of the ICUMS platform, as it contains valuable and confidential data of importers, exporters, and business operators.

The association cautioned that mishandling of data by the OSP could have severe repercussions for the business community.

In a press release, the association demanded clarification from the OSP regarding the motives behind the request and the specific data they seek to access from ICUMS. While expressing their commitment to eradicating corrupt practices in the port sector, the association stressed the need to protect sensitive information.

Despite the concerns raised by the association, Mr. Danso Adjei and Ghana Link welcome the OSP’s access request as a means to promote transparency.


By Vincent Kubi