GNPC Fastest Human Project Supports Athlete’s Education

Grace Obour (2nd R) with Reks Brobby and family at Mpasatia

The GNPC Ghana Fastest Human project has secured admission and a full scholarship tertiary education for Grace Obuor, African Games bronze medalist.

The athlete, one of the discoveries of the Ghana Fastest Human initiative ‒ a project that seeks to revive athletics in schools‒ is expected to be enrolled in the premier university, University of Ghana, Legon.

A few days ago, the founder of the Ghana Fastest Human, Reks Brobby, and his team travelled to a distant town of Mpasatia, near Baabiani in the Western Region, to pay a visit to Grace’s family.

The visit was to seek the multiple medal winning athlete’s family consent and approval for the release and blessing of Grace for her academic programme.

The 2018 U-18 GNPC Ghana’s fastest, brilliance on the tracks locally and internationally, stirred Brobby and his team to push for the athlete’s higher learning academic programme.

Indications are that the authorities of the University of Ghana are in full support of the athlete’s admission, having met the university’s requirement.

Mr. Brobby praised University of Ghana and GNPC for their support, saying, “I must thank our reliable sponsor, GNPC, for making this dream a reality. Certainly, this support will benefit Grace and the country as a whole taking into account the huge potential she has in the sport.”

The founder of Ghana Fastest Human, a former national sprinter and an athletics envoy of University of Ghana, expressed gross appreciation to the school for their support.

Grace Obuor, a product of TI Amass, Kumasi, made Ghana proud in the Niger meet this year by winning gold in 400m, silver in 200m, as well as a bronze in the Côte d’Ivoire competition.

She also won gold in the ECOWAS meet a few months ago and crowned her brilliance with gold medals in 200m, 400m and 4×100 relay in the inter-college event.

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum