GUTA Praises Bawumia’s Ideas: Eager to Collaborate On Tax Policies

Dr. Joseph Obeng


Dr. Joseph Obeng, President of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), has commended Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for his vision and policy proposals outlined during a recent lecture.

In response to Bawumia’s address, Dr. Obeng expressed excitement and confidence in Bawumia’s commitment to adopting compliance as a crucial tool in his administration.

In particular, Dr. Obeng highlighted Bawumia’s focus on the adoption of a flat rate tax system and the simplification of duty payments, specifically for spare parts. These proposals, which directly address concerns raised by GUTA, were received positively by Dr. Obeng and the association.

“This is exactly what I want to hear. He has been talking about flat rate tax and making duty payment flat, especially spare parts. Why can’t I be excited? This is all that we’ve said for years and now it is being heard and adopted,” Dr. Obeng stated.

Dr. Obeng also recognized Bawumia’s intention to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and reduce the need for invigilation in his administration.
According to GUTA boss, this demonstrates that Bawumia has been listening to the pleas of GUTA and is committed to addressing their concerns.

“It tells you he has been listening to our pleas and for us, this is a positive thing,” Dr. Obeng added.

Expressing their support for Bawumia’s stance on tax policies, Dr. Obeng revealed that GUTA would engage with the Vice President to provide their input and collaborate effectively.

“We will meet him and give him our inputs. I think what he said about taxes is in the right direction as that is our major concern, and so we have to meet with him and have our inputs considered,” he affirmed.

Moreover, GUTA plans to engage with presidential aspirants to gain insights into their plans for Ghana, ensuring the association’s voice is heard on important issues affecting traders and businesses in the country.

As Vice President Bawumia continues to outline his vision for Ghana and receives positive feedback from influential stakeholders such as GUTA, the prospects of collaboration and effective policy implementation grow stronger.

By Vincent Kubi