Hisense Boys’ Brigade Gala Set To Unearth Talents

John Fia

The national organiser for the Hisense Boys’ Brigade Ghana, John Fia, has said the primary objective of the forthcoming soccer competition is to unearth talents and sell brigade to the public.


The competition, scheduled for June over two weekends, is expected to attract teams from the various companies (churches).


He said in a post ‘What Do You Know?’ quiz interview, “We intend having a national gala league competition but it will kick off with a gala at the district and regional levels, with a knockout at the national level.

“The gala is going to start in June, and then in July we do the gala at the regional level and then in August we do the gala at the national level.”

He added, “We are going to camp all the boys and teams at the national level. The competition is being played for the U-16 and U-20 levels. The companies are registering and if any company   wins, that company will represent the district it is coming from.


“The district will also select a team, so each district will be represented by two teams – the winning company and the selected team who will compete at the regional level. So at the regional level the various districts will compete.

“The winners of the selected and regional sides will meet at the national level. So far we are receiving registration from the companies, and the brigades in the various churches.

“We have asked that the registrations should be forwarded to the regional organiser, he will collate the data and send it to the national level for registration cards as a form of identification.

“We want to use this competition to market the brigade and also to unearth talents, we have confined ourselves to the church for quite a long time.

“We have selected venues and referee Alex Quartey as our consultant to see to it that brigade will be known and get corporate Ghana on board as a stakeholders, we want to attract boys on the streets to be nurtured and taught the word of God.”

The competition has received huge support by way of sponsorship from Hisense Ghana Limited, producers of electronic appliances.


By Kofi Owusu Aduonum