Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm Hosts Two Tennis Clubs

  Aboagye Duah (L) and ladies from the Kaneshie Tennis Club

The Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm, Sogakope, will host two tennis clubs of Tesano Police Depot (Depot Tennis Club) and Kaneshie Complex (Kalatec Tennis Club), both in Accra for a special weekend social tournament.

The two clubs will be guests to Holy Trinity Spa’s newly upgraded ultra-modern tennis facilities, where they will be treated to a variety of games, including tennis.

The visit of the two clubs forms part of activities planned to celebrate a partnership being developed between Holy Trinity Spa and the Ghana Tennis Federation (GTF) towards the accreditation of the Holy Trinity Spa tennis courts as a regional tennis tourism destination and an integral part of the West African tennis circuit for international tournaments to be organised under the GTF.

To this end, the Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm is committed to upgrading its existing tennis facilities in addition to some expansion works over time to meet the International Tennis Federation standards, to position Holy Trinity Spa to host GTF/ITF training sessions and tournaments.

The Holy Trinity SPA, in collaboration with the GTF, will commence the hosting of monthly clubs invitational events towards the institution of an annual competition dubbed ‘The Holy Trinity Tennis Cup Tourney’.

The health farm will also launch a special weekend package for the national tennis fraternity, where additional services will be offered during the visit of the two clubs from today to Sunday.

The Holy Trinity Spa hosted the executives and special guests of the Ghana Tennis Federation (GTF) last weekend, led by its president, Aboagye Duah, where the modalities of the partnership, especially the international circuit standards, were concluded.

From The Sports Desk