I Collected Slaps During Election Campaign – Mr Ibu

Mr Ibu

Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu, has disclosed how he was assaulted by a group of boys when he joined the political campaign leading up to Nigeria’s recent general elections.

In an interview with Vanguard TV, he created the impression that Nigerian youth have still not come to terms with democracy, indicating he was slapped by thugs because he went out to campaign.

“Nigerian politics [laughs]. Partially, I was involved o. The only thing different is that there were some situations where there was thuggery.

“I collected like three or four slaps, free, from other boys. ‘Why did you come here? [They asked] Before I answer that question, gbosa! You won’t even like the sound of the slap because the people that are slapping are idiots because their slap is not human,” he said.

Touching on his long absence from the industry, Mr Ibu said he stopped acting as a result of the election and transition period. But, he said his comeback movie will be released soon.