I Faked My Pregnancy -Michy

Michelle Diamond, also known in showbiz as Michy has denied claims of being pregnant days after photos of her supposed pregnancy went viral.
During her birthday on May 6, Michy took to her Instagram to share baby bumps photos herself, suggesting she was pregnant and was ready to have a second child.
A lot of her followers and friends took to her page to congratulate her.
However, Michy has made a u-turn to say the pregnancy was fake.
She planned it to observe how nosy Ghanaians can be.
“Family, you all have been warned severally about not believing everything you see on social media. Have you all learnt your lesson now? Lesson learnt,” she said.
“This was a survey to see how nosy Ghanaians are. You all love konkonsa, you are all nosy. Don’t believe everything you see on social media,” she added.