I Never Got Pregnant For A Pastor- Akua Amoakowaa

Sally Akua Amoakowaa and Afia Schwarzenegger

Sally Akua Amoakowaa, former wife of Dr. Kwaku Oteng of the Angel Group of Companies, has denied claims that she got pregnant for a man of God.

Akua and Afia Schwarzenegger have since last week been engaging in a war of words, with each of them making sensational allegations about the other.

Afia Schwarzenegger in their banter accused Akua Amoakowaa of infidelity and claimed that she was pregnant with a pastor’s child, among other allegations, which allegedly led to her divorce from Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

In a spirited rebuttal, Akua Amoakowaa vehemently denied the claims, asserting that she has never been romantically involved with a pastor and she is not currently pregnant. She challenged Afia Schwarzenegger to provide evidence to support her accusations, labeling her as a “pathological liar.”

“I have never and will never date a pastor because I can’t be osofo maame. I am not carrying any seed currently because I am busy studying. If the stray dog claims I am pregnant with a pastor and blackmailing him, I dare her to mention the pastor’s name. Stray dog. I thought you were fearless? Mention the pastor’s name. I dare you. You are full of lies and deceit. I have always known you to be a pathological liar,” she said on Instagram.

Addressing criticism about engaging in a public feud, Akua defended her decision to confront the allegations, emphasizing the importance of standing up for oneself and setting the record straight.

Despite the heated exchanges, Akua Amoakowaa announced that she is putting an end to the feud with Afia Schwarzenegger, opting to move forward and focus on her own well-being.

She expressed gratitude to her supporters and affirmed her commitment to maintaining her dignity amidst the controversy.