I Won’t Engage In Politics Of Insults- Bawumia


With the upcoming internal contests within the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has taken a different approach.

Rather than resorting to attacking his opponents, he has chosen to sell his ideas and showcase the achievements of the NPP government during his tours across the country.

Addressing NPP delegates in Asutifi, a district in the Ahafo Region, Dr. Bawumia emphasized the importance of unity within the party and the need to focus on the ultimate objective of progress for the nation.

He expressed his belief that attacking opponents in an internal contest would only serve to divide the party and hinder its growth.

“I firmly believe that our internal contests should be based on ideas, policies, and the track record of our government,” Dr. Bawumia stated. “We are all members of the same party, working towards the same goal of improving the lives of Ghanaians. Attacking each other will only distract us from achieving that goal.”

“I don’t believe in attacking my opponents and I won’t do that because it will be toxic and won’t be good for our party,” Dr. Bawumia said.

“This is an internal contest to elect our flagbearer, so why should I attack my opponents or say something against our party? I am running a very decent campaign. I am selling my ideas to delegates and I do that with decorum, with humility, with respect and without mentioning anybody’s name.”

Dr. Bawumia’s approach is a departure from the often acrimonious nature of internal party contests, where candidates frequently engage in mudslinging and personal attacks. Instead, he aims to foster an environment of healthy competition, where ideas take center stage and delegates can make an informed decision based on merit.

“This should be a contest of ideas not insults. So I have told all my staff not to insults or attack anyone. They should stick to sharing my vision and message to delegates. I have told them that even if I am attacked or insulted, they, should not respond because I am a unifier.”

During his interactions with delegates, the Vice President has been highlighting the numerous achievements of the NPP government under the leadership of President Nana Akufo-Addo. From significant infrastructure projects to social intervention programs, Dr. Bawumia has been keen to showcase the positive impact the government has made on the lives of Ghanaians.

He has also been sharing his ideas and plans for the future, outlining policies and initiatives aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the nation. Dr. Bawumia’s emphasis on innovation, digitalization, job creation, and economic growth has resonated with many delegates who are eager to see Ghana continue on its path of development.

The Vice President’s commitment to a positive and issues-based campaign has garnered praise from within the party and the wider public. Supporters and political observers have lauded his approach as a refreshing departure from the divisive tactics often associated with internal contests.

As the internal contests within the NPP continue, Dr. Bawumia’s message of unity, progress, and policy-driven competition is gaining momentum. Delegates are increasingly recognizing the value of focusing on ideas rather than personal attacks, and many are rallying behind the Vice President’s vision for the future of the party and the nation.

While the outcome of the internal contests remains uncertain, one thing is clear: Dr. Bawumia’s principled approach to campaigning is setting a positive example for political discourse in Ghana.

By refusing to engage in attacks on his opponents and instead focusing on sharing his ideas and achievements, he is demonstrating a commitment to a politics of substance and progress.

By Vincent Kubi