I’m Taken, Can’t Reunite With Shatta Wale- Michy


Showbiz personality, Michy born Michelle Diamond has said she doesn’t see herself reuniting with her ex-lover Shatta Wale.
The songstress and media personality who is currently promoting her new song titled, Hustle in an interview on Okay Fm, said she is in a new relationship at the moment.
That she explained is the reason she can’t reunite with Shatta.
According to her, whatever she feels for Shatta now is brotherly love while she described her current relationship as nice.
“I won’t say I feel something like the way it used to be. It is more brotherly right now and we have a child together so I owe him that care. I have shown enough, a lot of care publicly to him. We won’t be hypocrites and say it just faded off. Yes, there are things I have made fade off but that tiny bit of sweetness is still there. I am not good but I am actually in a very nice relationship now”, she disclosed.
She also expressed her warmest appreciation to Shatta Wale for sharing a post about her latest single.
“I actually appreciate that post and I am glad we have both looked over our differences for the sake of the child and the sake of business that we can do in the future. I thank God that we have been able to look beyond the bad blood and live amicably”, she said.
Michy and Shatta used to be an item. They made a lot of headlines in the past with their public display of affection for each other. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold on as they went their separate ways due to allegations of cheating.
Until recently they have not been on good terms. However, that has changed now.