‘I’m The Only Ghanaian Musician Touring The Globe’

King Ayisoba


Ghanaian traditional artiste, King Ayisoba says after the famed afro rock music group Osibisa, he is the only musician left who is touring every region of the globe with music.

King Ayisoba claims that the Kologo and his genuine brand of traditional African music allow him to accomplish this feat.

King Ayisoba, whose song ‘I Want To See You My Father’ won the Popular Song of the Year award in 2007, revealed that he has played at almost every big festival around the world compared to his colleagues confined to Ghana.

“When we talk of a Ghanaian musician, who tours the world and plays at festivals around the world then it’s me. First it was Osibisa, but after Osibisa I don’t think there is anybody,” King Ayisoba said this in an interview with Bryt TV.

Apart from Osibisa and the likes of Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Ayisoba is one artiste who has performed in many countries across the world.

He frequently performs in countries like United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and a host of other countries.

A couple of his brothers are part of his band. He sings in Frafra, Twi and English.

King Ayisoba considers Terry Bonchaka, the late hip life artiste who passed away in 2003, his mentor, as the former helped him into the music limelight. While working with Terry Bonchaka, he wrote or composed songs and played Kologo music while Terry did the raps.

Born as Albert Apoozore, the award-winning Kologo-stringing musician’s style is melodic and percussive, and he has displayed diversity and innovation by using traditional instruments together with hiplife.

Ayisoba’s lyrics are very personal, sometimes funny, often urgent and always imaginative.