Incorrigibility Or Mischief Or Both?

Teachers have downed their tools at a time when Ghana, like the rest of the world, is encountering economic setbacks with pinching effects.

While acknowledging the sacrifices they have been making over the years like other employees of state, nobody can deny them the space to express their grievances. When, however, the timing is not ripe for such recourse, the action smacks of anything but well-intentioned.

The role of teachers in national development is exceptionally prominent but for them to stretch their luck beyond its seams, is for want of a better expression irresponsible and bereft of love for country.

Who does not know the precarious state of the economy as things stand today?  Only those who do not appreciate the state of the world economy and especially Ghana’s, would embark on such a misplaced project of downing tools as the teachers have done.

A government which has done exceedingly well to enhance the living conditions of teachers should not suffer this level of blackmail at the hands of those who should know better. The records are available for verification regarding what teachers went through during the previous regime of former President John Mahama.

We still remember the day when the wife of a Vice President told teachers who could not even have sufficient chalk to work that, their request was not going to be obliged. Those days are behind us today and the better days are only enduring a setback because of a global economic ailment.

The incomparability of how teachers fared during the two regimes of John Mahama and Akufo-Addo is indisputable.

At a time when the world was gripped by the then relatively unknown COVID-19, which claimed many lives, President Akufo-Addo ordered a legitimate shutdown without a corresponding wage freeze.

The economic fallouts of the necessary job stoppage, and the shutdown of the economy, are playing out today in varied forms including the global repercussions of the Ukraine/Russia hostilities.

When teachers pretend not to comprehend the foregone, it is unfortunate and prompts concern among discerning Ghanaians. We are unable to begrudge those who think segments of the noble profession are allowing themselves to be politicised by the opposition NDC, who in their desperate state, are eager to cling on to every misfortune for incorporation into their political game-plan. How sad!

Cost Of Living Allowance, COLA, as basis for a strike and have children sit home says a lot about the crop of Ghanaians we have at the helm of the noble profession.

Those who have pushed for the ongoing sit down strike are doing a great disservice to the children of Ghana and the country as a whole.