Arise Ghana, Against Marauding Desperados

“When it comes to unleashing violence, no one can beat the NDC because we have a revolutionary background” – Mr. John Dramani Mahama, former President of the Republic of Ghana.

The Akans say a child knows how to run but it does not know how to hide. If you chase a child in the house, they run into the room and hide behind the door. This is exactly the trademark of the opposition NDC. They try to play smart but they are not clever enough in their attempt to play on the intelligence of Ghanaians who can easily read between the lines. To them, the plan was to bamboozle Ghanaians into thinking that their Arise Ghana Demonstration was an uprising of all the good people of this country but not the NDC alone.  Sadly, they exposed themselves in the process.

The plan was simple.  Robe in Bernard Monnah, the former National Chairman of Dr. Hilla Limann’s PNC, who literally donated Limann’s party to the NDC on a silver platter, as the spokesperson of the demonstrators.  He must be the one to read the petition to the Finance Minister to make it look like the NDC knows nothing about the written script. Bring on board opportunistic half-baked journalists like Bobie Ansah to represent journalists in Ghana. Fish for some rubble-rousers who have no visibility, respect and recognition in relevant quarters as representatives of some political parties.  Hire some ‘condemned drivers’ who cannot get any vehicle to drive because of their bad behavior to represent drivers in Ghana. The rest of the crowd, made up of mostly NDC supporters, will come because in times like these, when supporters of the NDC, who used to do nothing but share booties when the NDC was in power, are no more getting what they used to get.  After all, did the sages not say the devil finds jobs for the idle hands?

First on the agenda is to provoke confrontation with the police even before the day of the demonstration. Throw reason and commonsense away and insist on what the NDC wants alone. To hell with the Supreme Court if the apex court decides on anything against the demonstration. On the day of the demonstration, Commander Ampofo should assign Arko Gunn, one of the Montie 3 jailbirds to load pick-ups with stones and drive them to the Obra Spot, where the demonstrators will assemble.  Armed wee-smoking goons with their imported pistols should be on standby and call into action in case the battle becomes hotter. Gun-toting Arko Gunn was also charged to train the NDC youth how to throw stones the way the Palestinians do to the Israelis. It was a covert or overt operation par excellence. After all, was Arko Gunn the jailbird not the same person who organised stone throwing hooligans to attack the residence of Nana Akufo-Addo in the run-up to the 2012 general election? The result of what the NDC planned was what you saw at the Nkrumah Circle Interchange on the Day 1 of their ill-conceived and evil-minded demonstration.

Desperadoes used to roam everywhere in the Wild West of America in the 19th Century. Armed with pistols in holsters fixed on their hips and wearing Cowboy hats, these outlaws strutted the land with absolute impunity, destroying everything on their way as they searched for what they wanted. They were simply criminal bandits who defied the laws of the land.  They did not care a hoot about whose ox was goaded.  The NDC can be likened to desperados in the Wild West. Just follow this scenario. The NDC leadership, led by their National Chairman, applied to the police to embark on a demonstration. The police agreed but insisted that the time of closure of the demonstration, which was ten o’clock in the night, could not be accepted for security reason. The police also disagreed when the leadership of the demonstration indicated that they will picket at the Jubilee House, the seat of government because, according to the police, the place is a security zone.

The leadership of the demonstration insisted on their plan and so the police went to the Supreme Court, pleading with the court to decide on the issue. The Supreme Court, the apex court of the land, ruled in favour of the police and the leadership of the demonstration quickly went to the Appeal Court to apply for stay of execution. Before the Appeal Court could hear the case of stay of execution, the leadership of the planned demonstration called their people to assemble at their starting point and ply the route the police kicked against, which the Supreme Court also supported in their ruling. So my dear reader, if you were the IGP, will you sit down unconcerned for the group to take the law into their own hands and plunge the nation into chaos? What if an opposing group also decided to take the law into their own hands and organised another demonstration to confront Commander Ampofo and his armed marauding and lawless desperados? Think!

When the police decided to block the demonstrators on their way, the ‘Plan B’ of Commander Ampofo and his team was released. The celebrated jailbird, Arko Gunn, and his team of stone throwers, were called to action and the stones started flying like unguarded missiles fired from a warship on the Atlantic Ocean. This time, the Pentecost elder’s marauding bandits did not get markets to burn nor children to kidnap but only policemen and women to stone. Commander Ampofo won the battle that day and as a Pentecost Elder, he started speaking in tongues. Mission accomplished. Who say man no dey? Alleluia!!!

But on a more serious note, this country should not take the NDC for granted. A party which was born out of a bloody revolution still has their hands soaked with the blood of innocent men, women and children. They are still baying for more blood to satisfy their disturbed and accursed souls. From all indications, they want to see the country ungovernable so that their aim of coming back to power again will come to reality. To them, if even Rome should burn for them to come to power, so be it. Such group of persons is dangerous and so the government should be on the lookout. Their leader, Mr. John Mahama, has already served notice that the 2024 elections will be ‘do or die affair’ and he means it.   Just look at how Mr. Mahama was able to trick supporters of the NDC, including NDC honorable Members of Parliament to hit the streets, burning tyres and destroying properties when he lost the 2020 Presidential election. His co-plotter who joined to trick the NDC supporters was Sammy Gyamfi, the small boy who was able to send senior citizens and wee smokers sweating on the streets by declaring John Mahama the ”President Elect”.

Mahama later confessed that he did that to cool down the anger of his supporters when he knew he lost the election. Even when the Supreme Court ruled against his petition to the apex court, he has refused to accept defeat and congratulate his opponent nearly one and half years down the line. He still walks tall with the “President Elect” tag, donated to him by Sammy Gyamfi, firmly fixed on his broad chest. Watch out, because Bole/Bamboi macho man is in town! Who knows what else he will do if he loses again? And he will surely lose again. Let me relax under my mango tree and just be.


BY Eric Bawah