Irresponsible Opposition Politics

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa

Opposition politics is not about being irresponsible. Unfortunately for some opposition politicians in the country being on the other side of the aisle is about peddling mendacious remarks and hurling scum at others.

We are at our wits end as to why the North Tongu MP Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa continues to be on this ignominious path of dishonour.

We could have disinclined a response to his series of, for the want of a better word, lies, as he pursues his NDC agenda of filthy politics.

It is the presence of such politicians in the fold of the NDC which accounts for the low rating of the party.

It is heartwarming this reality has dawned upon some level-headed party personalities who are on the path of re-engineering the political grouping.  Whether they would succeed or not is difficult to determine.

Until the party is re-engineered and rid of such irresponsible characters that Ghanaians of integrity would continue to maintain the unattractive optics they have for the party.

In a multiparty democratic setting such as ours, it is our wish that the main opposition party would be sincere about matters of state. Their position especially as espoused by their own Ablakwa on the presidential aircraft leaves much to be desired.

Apart from being annoyingly monotonous a subject, the North Tongu MP continues to exhibit ignorance about the presidential jet. He has so far not been able to advance any meaningful rhetoric about the presidential jet, a subject he is so obsessed with.

Having himself earlier enjoyed the jet when he traveled to Abuja at a time he could have done so via a commercial aircraft he turns round to talk about what constitutes impropriety about the use of the aircraft.

Unsurprisingly Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has gone to town with the diplomatic gestured of government when it provided a gratis ride for the Liberian President.

For the MP the gesture is an act of impropriety on the part of government. It makes us wonder whether an NDC government given Ghana’s revered status in the comity of West African states would have acted differently.

The diplomatic dividends from the gesture for Ghana can only be imagined.

In the quest for political leverage politicians should always wear their thinking caps and not pretend to lose sight of the niceties of diplomacy.

The MP whose diabolical shenanigans are in full flight should remember that he is expected to serve as a role model for the youth who follow the developments on the political front.

His stances on issues which conflict with sensible logic do not present him as a man worthy of being a role model.

We are hard-pressed not to think that being a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament the MP knows the importance of the government gesture regarding the air lift for the Liberian President his antics therefore being a show of a fallen integrity.