Jakpa Declares War On Attorney-General After Losing Submission Of No Case


In a dramatic turn of events at the ongoing ambulance procurement trial, businessman Richard Jakpa has revealed the sequence of events that led him to declare war on the Attorney-General, Godfred Yeboah Dame, after what he perceived as a breach of promise.

Jakpa, the third accused in the high-profile trial, recounted to the court a clandestine agreement he allegedly struck with the Attorney-General regarding his discharge from the case.
According to Jakpa, despite reaching an understanding with the A-G during a surreptitious meeting, he found himself added to the list of accused persons and forced to present his defense in court.

During cross-examination by the Director of Public Prosecution, Yvonne Atakorah-Obuobisa, Jakpa claimed that he provided crucial documents to the Attorney-General which were subsequently used by the prosecution to bolster their case against him.
However, the DPP refuted Jakpa’s assertions, stating that the documents in question had already been submitted by the prosecution five months prior to the alleged meeting.

Frustrated by what he perceived as a betrayal of trust, Jakpa narrated an incident involving discussions with his cousin, Justice Yonny Kulendi, where promises made by the Attorney-General were apparently unfulfilled. In a passionate outburst, Jakpa declared his animosity towards the A-G, accusing him of unjustly encroaching on his liberty and integrity.

Expressing his determination to fight back, Jakpa condemned the Attorney-General for what he described as an attempt to undermine his rights and reputation without cause.
Despite efforts by Justice Kulendi to mediate the situation, Jakpa firmly asserted his stance, vowing to employ all means necessary to combat what he perceived as a gross injustice.

The courtroom atmosphere was fraught with tension as Jakpa’s impassioned declaration reverberated through the gallery, underscoring the intensity of the legal battle unfolding in the ambulance procurement trial.
The escalating conflict between Jakpa and the Attorney-General foreshadows further legal clashes and sets the stage for a contentious chapter in the ongoing proceedings.


By Vincent Kubi