Joselyn Dumas Shines On Netflix’s ‘Glamour Girls’

Ghanaian television host and actress Joselyn Dumas has been the talk of the town following her exceptional performance on Netflix’s original remake movie ‘Glamour Girls’ produced by Play Network Studio.

The Glamour Girls movie, which was released on June 24 with a run-time of 2 hours and 5 minutes, has topped trends on the Netflix streaming platform. Glamour Girls is a 2022 Netflix movie that focuses on the story of five girls who are desperately trying to make a living to live large in the big city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Within the usually patriarchal African community, they all dare to raise a stir with their professions as high-end escorts. They are called the Glamour Girls, and the reason for this is their ability to present a life of glamour as a front while going around pretending to sleep with men and vacationing on Islands and beaches.

Joselyn Dumas played the role of Jemma, a former escort who found love but is returning to the business due to financial difficulties. Jemma was living a happy life with her boyfriend, Alexander until she discovered the inhumane thing he did to her child. It drove her to murder him, and she enlisted the help of Donna and Tj (Taymesan Emmanuel) to cover it up.

Alexander’s death quickly becomes a big deal when it is revealed that he is an accountant in charge of money belonging to some powerful men in the country. Because Jemma was romantically involved with Alexander, the men believe she and Donna are to blame for his disappearance.

To avoid being killed, the ladies searched for the money’s flash drive and planned an exchange with the men. Zeribe (James Gardiner), assisting them at the venue, decided to double-cross them and blame everything on Emma. Emma planted the flash drive on him, accused him of stealing it, and failed.

The film concludes with the revelation that Donna secretly duplicated the flash drive, which contained some of the money.

The cast includes Emma (Character played by Sharon Ooja), Helion (Character played by Segilola Ogidan), Jenna (Character played by Joselyn Dumas), and Louise (Character played by Toke Makinwa), who were led by the Madame of the business Donna (Character played by Nse-Ikpe Etim).

By Prince Fiifi Yorke