Kalybos Expresses Interest In Gyakie

Comedian Richard Kweku Asante, popularly called Kalybos in the entertainment industry, has disclosed that he would love to marry afrobeat singer, Gyakie.
According to him, there are about 16 beautiful celebrities he would like to walk down the aisle with, but chose Gyakie among the lot.
Responding to a question about which celebrity he wishes to marry, he said that “Given the chance, I would like to marry 16 celebrities… [but] if I get, I would love to marry Gyakie.”
When asked if he was referring to Jackie Appiah, he stated that “no [not Jackie Appiah], Gyakie, the musician.”
The comedian, who came to light through his role in the ‘Boys Kasa’ comic series, was speaking in an interview with Okyeame Quophi on Angeldrive.
He, however, disclosed that his celebrity crush is Yvonne Okoro, and he would be delighted to have a kiss from her.
The comic actor also revealed that he coined the stage name ‘Kalybos’ from his name (Kweku and Asante) and added the first letters of his two sisters’ names.
While noting that he is afraid of being poor because of public perception, Kalybos added that “if I had the chance to make laws, I will order that all the money in Ghana be shared among Ghanaians…”