KK Fosu Denies “Oga” Song Targeted Samini

KK Fosu

KK Fosu has set the record straight regarding his hit song “Oga,” refuting claims that it was a diss track aimed at fellow artist Samini.

Despite widespread speculation linking the song to a feud between the two artists, KK Fosu maintains that “Oga” was created solely for entertainment purposes.

In an interview with Accra-based Onua FM, KK Fosu clarified that the song’s lyrics reflect his personal experiences and observations of life’s realities, rather than targeting Samini or anyone else.
He emphasized that Samini is considered family, debunking any notions of animosity between them.

“The song was not directed at Samini. I write all my songs based on life issues. I write my songs after I have experienced what life has to offer. I have been consistent about this, and I say this all the time, but people don’t believe it,” KK Fosu indicated.

The perception that “Oga” was a diss track emerged due to its content and timing, coinciding with a period of tension between KK Fosu and Samini.

However, KK Fosu maintains that the song’s intention was purely to entertain his fans, emphasizing his commitment to authenticity in songwriting.

The clarification from KK Fosu sheds light on the true inspiration behind “Oga” and dispels any lingering misconceptions about its intended target.

Hopes are that as the controversy surrounding the song dissipates, fans will continuously appreciate it for what it is—a lively and engaging musical expression of life’s experiences.