Kwami Sefa Kayi Condemns Youth… For Insulting Elderly On Social Media

Kwami Sefa Kayi  

Ace broadcaster, Kwami Sefa Kayi, has registered his displeasure with how young Ghanaians now take solace in disrespecting their elders by way of insulting them on social media.

According to him, the shameful attitude must stop. Speaking on his Kokrokoo programme on Peace FM days ago, about recent insults on the persons of former Electoral Commissioner Charlotte Osei and businessman Sam Jonah over their activities and comments in public, the award-winning radio host suggested the need for society to take a critical look at the growing canker.

“If you don’t agree with an elderly person, there is a way to express your opinion. It doesn’t have to be about insults and disrespectful behaviour. If someone says something that you are not happy with, then you start to insult.

“A lot of young men don’t respect now. Excuse me, which of them can compare themselves to Sam Jonah? Why is it that because of politics, boys and girls who haven’t achieved anything…I’m not saying Sam Jonah is an angel but please why have you been insulting him? What happened to young people…Sometimes you read some of the things they say and you ask yourself what’s happening? Sam Jonah can give birth to some of you and take care of you,” he stated.

“There are things they say about women that is awful but they continue to say it. What is it? And some of them they hide behind the anonymity of social media and they won’t mention their real names so you know them. Faceless people,” he added.

With the advent of social media, almost everyone has opinion on public discourse. In recent times, some people make it a point to only chastise when they disagree with others on the social platform and they are the people  Sefa Kayi has a  problem with.


By Francis Addo