Kwesimintsim Hospital Lacks Major Facilities

The Kwesimintsim Government Hospital in the Western Region lacks certain major facilities to enable it operate effectively.

The health facility does not have an accident and emergency ward and has been improvising a small room where there are three beds as emergency ward.

The hospital also lacks spacious labour ward and because of that some patients have to lie on the floor to receive treatment.

According to officials of the hospital, the various infrastructural challenges at the health facility adversely impede effective healthcare delivery.

The Administrator of the hospital, Felix Jesse said on radio in Takoradi that “last year we attended to 66, 952 clients for OPD yet we lack a children’s ward and offices for key staff so we have to improvise due to lack of space.”

“If you look at our labour cases we attend to, we are at par with the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Sekondi and even at peak times we surpass them but due to lack of space, some patients lie on the floor before they are attended to and it is not appropriate,” he pointed out.

The Hospital Administrator further said the health facility is constrained in terms of surgeries as there is only one theatre, adding “However, our doctor population has somehow improved. In 2017, there were only two doctors, now we have about seven.”

“All the doctors undertake surgery so if we had two theatres, the cases can be attended to concurrently but with this, most cold cases have to always be suspended to make way for emergency cases,” he stated.

He also said the lack of spacious stores makes the hospital do procurement on piecemeal.

He indicated that despite the advancement in technology, the hospital is still using an analogue X-ray machine as procuring a digital one involves huge funds.

Felix Kesse also said there is inadequate residential accommodation for some emergency staff, saying “as I speak none of the staff stay close to the hospital, not even the emergency staff, since the hospital was upgraded from the polyclinic status in 2000. It was done without any adjoining accommodation for staff.”

He disclosed that despite its numerous challenges, the hospital has managed to use its Internally Generated Funds (IGFs) to construct a nine seater washroom for clients and staff , a new spacious waiting area for antenatal and OPDs.

“We have also created a separate registration point and pharmacy for antenatal.

“The hospital has also undertaken the drilling and installation of two mechanised automated boreholes with the Effia Kwesimintim Municipal Assembly helping the facility with an additional one,” he revealed.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi