‘Landlord Blew Aisha Huang’s Cover’


Aisha Huang

THE Chinese illegal miner, Aisha Huang, was arrested following a tip-off by her landlord in Kumasi whom she had rent issues with, it has emerged.

According to credible reports, the landlord rented out Aisha’s rented apartment at Ahodwo in Kumasi to another Chinese national when she (Aisha) was deported to China.

This action by the landlord, reportedly, angered Aisha when she managed to sneak back into the country, so she (Aisha) threatened to deal ruthlessly with the landlord for cheating her.

For fear of being harmed by Aisha, the landlord and the new Chinese tenant, then rushed to Accra and alerted the police that the so-called deported Aisha was back in the country.

The President of the Small-Scale Miners Association, Michael Kwadwo Peprah, who made the above disclosure on radio, said the security agencies then apprehended Aisha.

He said Aisha, until her recent arrest, had been freely living and operating her illegal mining business in the country at the blindside of the security agencies, including the Ghana Immigration Service.

According to him, but for Aisha’s decision to threaten her landlord over the rented apartment issue, there was no way that the ‘Galamsey queen’ would have been arrested.


False Reports

Interestingly, Ghanaians were made to believe that the Ghana Immigration Service, through their security operations, apprehended Aisha from her hideout in Kumasi.

However, if this latest revelation from the president of the Small-Scale Miners Association is proven to be authentic, then it would mean that the initial reports were just a hoax.


Aisha’s Rent Brouhaha

Throwing more light about the Aisha’s rent issue, Peprah said when Aisha was deported, the landlord perhaps thought that she would not return back to the country again.

Therefore, the said landlord, whose identity Peprah did not disclose, secured a court injunction, removed Aisha’s belongings and rented the room out to another Chinese national.

According to him, he doesn’t know how Aisha managed to sneak back into the country at the blindside of the security agencies, stressing that Aisha has been in the country for a while now.

On why Peprah and the other miners failed to report Aisha to the security agents, he said they knew that Aisha was highly connected to government officials, so there was no need to report her.

It would be recalled that Aisha’s recent arrest has sparked wild debate in the country, especially in the media, about how porous the country’s borders are presently.

The citizenry are stunned after learning that a deportee (foreigner) could easily return to the country and indulge in illegal mining without being noticed by the security agencies.


FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi