Lands Commission to consolidate search reports

James E. K Dadson

The Greater Accra Regional Office of the Lands Commission has announced that it stop issuing separate search reports.

According to the Commission, it will from Friday, October 1, 2021, start issuing consolidated search reports from its Land Divisions.

This is to ensure that a search report from the Commission on a parcel of land provides full information relating to that particular land in a single report, instead of three separate reports.

The Acting Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission, James E. K Dadson revealed this to the media.

The Commission recently released a statement to notify the public on the new initiative.

The statement advised the public to visit the Lands Commission’s website ( from October 1,2021 for step-by-step guidelines on the submission and payment processes.

Mr. James Dadson in reference to that said the website also provides steps on how to track their applications online, how to access the search reports online and the fees payable for the consolidated search.

“if you request for an official search from the lands commission, you will be given information from all the divisions of the land commission, You will also have scan copies of the report which can be emailed to you and today as we speak, we have also developed a system to send results to you via WhatsApp”, he added.

The commission believes this new measure will help prevent issues of land litigation amongst individuals.