Let’s Support GHAMRO Board To Succeed


A section of Ghanaian musicians have commended the leadership of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) for putting in place structures not only to help the music industry to grow, but also to help Ghanaian musicians benefit from their works.

They were happy that the achievements of GHAMRO board have exposed the activities of those who want to tarnish the image of the collective society and its board members.

According to them, if the industry stakeholders want GHAMRO which is the only collective society to succeed, “We have to come together and work as a team to promote its activities.”

The musicians, however, urged the collective society to actively pursue massive cleansing operations to stop organisations and individuals who are using music for free.

They also advised the society to take radical action against music users such as radio and television stations, hotels, nightclubs, among others for nonpayment of royalties as well as those who have failed to apply for a copyright licence before using music for their commercial activities.

The musicians added that the society should not spare any music user who refuses to obtain licence as well as pay royalties to the right owners.

They commended the collective society for entering into an agreement with some international organisations to provide digital monitoring systems to help in tracking how songs by Ghanaian musicians are used on radio, television, and digital platforms.

The musicians mentioned that the management of the society and its administrative system had been restructured, and professionals had been recruited to run affairs.


By George Clifford Owusu