Lower Manya Krobo NPP Protests Overbilling

Members of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Lower Manya Krobo Constituency of the Eastern Region have hinted that the residents in the area will not pay wrongful bills served them by the Power Distribution Service (PDS) Limited.

“We, the Lower Manya Krobo NPP, stand by the people of the Kroboland and until the last customer or consumer of power in Lower Manya is served justice on overbilling, wrongful billing and rightful accumulated bills, we will continue to stand by them and fight for them,” they declared.

Goldman Awuku Dodzi, the NPP Constituency Secretary, made this known when he addressed a press conference on Monday.

This was after violence erupted last week between the residents of Krobo and the police during a mass disconnection exercise that was undertaken by PDS staff.

Four police officers were injured, while one person was shot dead.

Some 35 persons who were arrested are currently standing trial.

According to Mr. Dodzi, residents have not declined to pay electricity bills or water bills.

“We have been paying water bills and we have been paying electricity bills and our forefathers paid, our fathers paid, we are paying and our children that will follow us will also pay. The only thing we will not honour is overbilling and wrongful billings from power not consumed,” he said.

They, therefore, called on the Regional Minister, Eric Kwakye Darfour, to apologize for a comment he made when he visited the area last week.

Mr. Goldman added “Per our culture, I cannot apologize on behalf of the minister. I will throw that to him to come out and apologize to the good people of the Kroboland.”

From Daniel Bampoe, Koforidua