Mahama Calls Amidu ‘Stupid’, ‘Coward’

Former President John Dramani Mahama has launched a blistering attack of Special Prosecutor (SP) Martin A.B.K. Amidu for revealing that he (Mahama) is the Government Official 1 the Airbus SE global Airbus scandal report named.

He called Mr. Amidu’s action ‘stupid’ and said he (Amidu) was a ‘coward’ and also dared the SP to prosecute him if he was man enough.

Mr. Mahama’s attack stemmed from a corruption and anti corruption assessment into the recent Agyapa deal relating to the Gold Royalties Monetization Transaction under the Minerals Income Investment Act 2018 (Act 978), which has now been put on hold by President Akufo-Addo until the next Parliament, released by Mr. Amidu where he talked about some of the ongoing investigations his office was undertaking, including the infamous Airbus saga.

In the 67-page document, he revealed that “this office has established the identity of elected GO1 to be former President John Dramani Mahama whose brother is Samuel Adam Foster, aka Samuel Adam Mahama.”

Political Insurance

According to Mr. Amidu, he is tarrying in his investigation because of the impending general election since Mr. Mahama has taken what he called political ‘insurance’ by picking forms to contest as the NDC flag bearer; and gave an indication that after the electoral process, he would go after all those involved in the Airbus scandal.

Incensed Mahama

Mr. Mahama was incensed by Mr. Amidu’s report when he told NDC supporters in Accra on Tuesday that the SP was a ‘coward’.

“Amidu goes to present Agyapa shares—Agyapa investigation; and I thought he was man enough. They say investigate Agyapa, present a report on Agyapa. If you have investigated Airbus, present a report on Airbus; but in the Agyapa report, knowing that it is going to be damning of this government, you put one paragraph there about Airbus. Nobody asked you about Airbus,” he said.

He added “if you were man enough, present Agyapa and do a report on Airbus separately, and then come as a man…if you think that I am indicted on Airbus, accuse me directly.”

The former President said, “But because he was a coward and they knew that Agyapa was going to be discussed today, they put a paragraph on the Airbus to equalize the discussion.  I mean what stupidity is this?”

He continued, “You are investigating Agyapa, present a report on Agyapa , because you know Agyapa is going to be discussed, you have indicted the President’s cousin as Finance Minister and you are afraid that you are presenting only a report on Agyapa so in the Agyapa report you put some other report that balance the equation. I thought he was man enough.

“Come out! The point is, you see I am the leader of a political party, I say if you have the legal basis for investigating me, go ahead and investigate me. There has being a DPA (deferred provocation agreement) you are not a party to. You don’t know who are involved in it. They have identified some people in it. You do not have an authenticated agreement from SFO or whoever is involved in it and you say ‘I surmised’ that Government Official 1 is sosososos, somebody somebody is sosososo(sic)…On what legal basis are you proceeding?”

By Ernest Kofi Adu