Maltavator Go-Getters Show Prowess


Episode 2 of the Maltavator Challenge was filled with energy and action as it broadcast on TV3 and MTV Base last Thursday.   

In season 2, 30 contestants from five countries are going head to head in a series of physical and mental challenges to see who has the energy and vitality to win the $20,000 grand prize and the Maltavator Challenge crown.

Ethiopia took the crown in season 1; would they retain the title, or would Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon or Côte d’Ivoire come out top in season 2.

Last night, 10 new contestants, fuelled with Malta Guinness vitamin goodness, tackled the ‘Go-Getter’ challenges, guided all the way by hosts Ehiz and Regina.

In episode 2, Ghana was represented by Precious Appiah, who is going to show her can-do attitude by doing her best in all the challenges ‒ and Ibrahim Abdul Lateef, who believes his strongest attributes are discipline, confidence and a go-get-it attitude

They started out with the ‘Power Up’ challenge with a quick demonstration from Ehiz on how it shouldn’t be done. The Maltavators needed high energy levels to power through the inflatable pillars and tyres before climbing the wall to collect the Malta Guinness flag‒ all aiming for the quickest time.

When it came to the turn of the ladies to show us how, Angeline from Cameroon went head to head with Precious from Ghana.  They both took a little tumble on their way through the pillars and tyres and reached the wall at the same time. Precious reached the flag at the top of the wall first, but Angeline fought back and they reached the bottom within milliseconds of each other.

Oti from Nigeria and Ibrahim from Ghana both got off to a flying start in this challenge. Ibrahim was the first to fill his bucket with B vitamins, but he was missing one with his first attempt, but quickly got it right.  Oti wasn’t too far behind getting all the right B vitamins first time.

Some impressive performances all round and only 10 more contestants to take on the ‘Go-Getter’ challenge before we know which Maltavators would be representing their country in the next round.

From The Sports Desk