Man Spikes Taxi Driver’s Drink to Steal Cab

The police in Achimota, Accra, have arrested a man who allegedly spiked a drink and gave it to a taxi driver, enabling him to steal the driver’s cab.
The suspect Evans Arhinful, 31, who is also a driver by profession, reportedly committed the offence at Achimota on July7, and had been at large until he was recently picked up.
According to a statement issued by DSP Juliana Obeng, Accra Regional Public Relations Officer, around 6:30 pm on July 7, the victim, picked up the suspect from Shiashie, Accra to a hospital near Achimota.
Upon arrival at the hospital, the suspect asked the driver to wait for a while, as he attended to a supposed friend on admission at the facility.
“The suspect reportedly told the victim that upon his return, he will send him to his final destination, an arrangement the victim agreed,” the police said.
She said suspect before entering the ward, offered the driver a drink whilst he waited for him but unknown to the driver, the drink had been spiked with a substance that made the driver unconscious.
“He woke up and realized that his vehicle, a Chevrolet Aveo with registration number GE 9457-21 had been taken away. All his efforts to locate the whereabouts of the vehicle yielded no results so the case was reported to the Police for investigation.”
The police revealed that they later identified Arhinful as the culprit who gave the spiked drink to the driver and stole the taxi cab at Achimota after weeks of investigation.
She added that suspect’s activities were closely monitored and was apprehended at Koforidua-Effiduase, when he attempted using the same mode of operation to steal another vehicle.
She said suspect is with Achimota Police assisting with their investigation.

By Linda Tenyah-Ayettey