Manipal Hospitals India, GJA Celebrate World Heart Day

Dr Sudarshan Ballal

Dr Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospital Group, India has said keeping cholesterol levels under check and undergoing regular health check-ups is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

He attributed the primary cause of heart diseases to stress, lack of exercise, and unhealthy food habits apart from excessive smoking and drinking.

Compared to the West, he said Indians experience heart failures early and therefore recommended individuals to modify lifestyle at an early age.

Dr Sudarshan Ballal was speaking at an international workshop organized by Manipal Hospital, India (A multi-specialty facility) in collaboration with the Ghana Journalists Association(GJA) to commemorate this year’s World Heart Day marked on September 29.
The objective of the workshop was to educate, inspire and motivate people to have a healthy heart and to spread awareness on the importance of heart health.

Dr Sudarshan Ballal stated that India is currently witnessing nearly 2 million heart attacks a year and the majority of the victims are youngsters, which is not a healthy trend.

Adding that, “Current projections are a wake-up call for all of us towards adopting a healthy lifestyle.”

Adding his voice, Dr Yogal Sharma Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, said “We hope to harness the power of digital connectivity by creating conversations around awareness, prevention and management of CVD globally.

Dr. Sharma said Telehealth is playing a huge role and Manipal Hospitals promises to make Heart Heroes through the workshop.

“We belief that the knowledge, compassion and influence can make hearts healthy and the agenda of the workshop is to make people aware about different ways of keeping the heart healthy while staying at home as digital health is the need of the hour.

HCMCT Manipal Hospitals is committed to lead and promote innovation and technological advancement in cardiovascular by conducting such insightful workshops on heart health and educating and fulfilling its mission with these programs.”

The President, Ghana Journalists Association, Affail Monney said considering the rising incidences and higher morbidity of heart failure patients, there is a need for a dedicated workshop like this that provides end-to-end and comprehensive education and spreads awareness for heart diseases.

“ We are committed to this cause through our patient-centric facilities, expert specialists, and a track record of best-in-class outcomes.”

As a pioneer in healthcare, Manipal Hospitals is India’s second-largest multi-specialty healthcare provider treating over 4 .5 million patients annually.

With its recent acquisition of a 100% stake in Columbia Asia Hospitals in India, the integrated organization today has an enhanced pan-India footprint with 27 hospitals across 15 cities with 7,600+ beds with a talented pool of 4,000+ doctors and 10,000+ employees.

Its focus is to develop an affordable, high-quality healthcare framework through its multispecialty and tertiary care delivery spectrum and further extend it to out-of-hospital care.


By Linda Tenyah-Ayettey