Marcel Desailly Foundation Holds Football Charity Event


The Marcel Desailly Foundation, in collaboration with the OAfrica association, on Sunday, June 9 organised a humanitarian football event for children under the following categories; U8-U10-U12-U14 on the S2 sport facilities for the Henry Community School in Accra.

This event brought together 40 children including members of the Henry House Community School as well as children from the S2 sport academy.

Several companies, such as Orca, Electroland, Pinocchio, Lizzy Complex and The Big Blue Resort, also participated in this special day.

The objective of the event was to meet the needs of the children of the school and to boost their confidence by offering them a brand new and unique experience.

It was also to promote the importance of sport in the personal development of children.

By mixing children from different social backgrounds and environments, the Foundation aimed to encourage inclusion and sharing, values .

The first edition of the Marcel Desailly Cup was a great success, offering children unforgettable moments and reinforcing the Foundation’s commitment to the development and well-being of young people through sport.