Marry Me – Baby Mama Tells Funny Face

Funny face with Vanessa and the kids

Vanessa, mother of Funny Face’s babies, has said she will only return to the comedian if he performs the necessary rites by marrying her.

According to her, she is tired of been called ‘baby mama’ and it is about time she is called his wife.

She made this known hours after reports went viral that she went to visit him with their kids. She visited him for the first time after many weeks of a strained relationship.

Photos from the visit captured their family all looking happy. The photos subsequently went viral on social media.
But, speaking in an interview on Angel TV, Vanessa said that visiting didn’t mean everything was back to normal.
“I need an upgrade from baby mama to a wife. I have three kids with Funny and I deserve some respect. If he wants me to come back to him, he has to come and do the right thing by marrying me,” she said.
Funny Face is currently under psychiatric evaluation after the Ofaakor Circuit Court, presided over by Ebenezer Osei Darko, ordered the Ghana Police to send him to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for a two-week treatment.