Martha Ankomah Sues Lil Win For Defamation

Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah, has initiated legal proceedings against fellow actor Kwadwo Nkansah, popularly known as Lil Win, over defamatory statements he made about her.

Ankomah alleges that Lil Win publicly accused her of expressing disdain towards Kumawood actors and criticizing the quality of their storylines, implying that she refused to work with them for this reason.

Additionally, Lil Win criticized Ankomah for her role as a GTP Ambassador, questioning her credibility and suggesting that she was hypocritical for associating herself with the brand.

He said: “Martha, those who are richer than you are rather humble and respect themselves a lot. Do you honestly call yourself a star? Who knows you? What do you have?

“I don’t even know why GTP bypassed the likes of McBrown, Mercy Asiedu and co, and made Martha Ankomah their brand Ambassador. The likes of Van Vicker, Roselyn Ngissah and co, do not do these things. They even work with us. They shoot Kumawood movies. I’m still amazed that you made such statements, were you drunk?”

He continued, “Patience Ozorkwor came to Kumasi to shoot a movie. Aki and Pawpaw, Mr. Ibu and the rest came down to shoot a movie here. But for people like you, who call yourselves refined actors; how many times do these Nigerians come to Ghana to shoot movies? They are the ones who rather send for you guys.”

In response, Ankomah filed a writ of summons at the High Court in Accra, demanding that Lil Win appear in court within eight days to address the accusations leveled against her.

Ankomah vehemently denies the claims made by Lil Win, emphasizing her dedication to professionalism and integrity within the Ghanaian film industry. She asserts that such unfounded accusations not only damage her reputation but also hinder the collaborative efforts necessary for the advancement of the entertainment sector.