Reggie Zippy Unveils New Girlfriend On Val’s Day

After months of keeping his new girlfriend’s identity under wraps, Reggie Zippy, the UK-based Ghanaian musician, has finally introduced her to the world, sparking a mix of congratulations and criticism from followers.

Zippy, who recently went through a divorce, had previously only hinted at his new relationship, concealing his partner’s face and body in social media posts.

However, on Valentine’s Day, he decided to reveal her identity completely, sharing intimate photos and heartfelt words on Instagram.

In the post, Zippy referred to his new love as his “beautiful valentine” and expressed gratitude for her presence in his life.

Some of his followers commended him for finding happiness again, while others criticized him for allegedly cheating on his ex-wife with the same woman.

The controversy surrounding Zippy’s new relationship stems from accusations made by his ex-wife, Edith Ward, who cited infidelity, lies, alcohol abuse, and financial neglect as reasons for their divorce. Ward claimed that Zippy had been involved in an extramarital affair with a white woman for several years, leading to the breakdown of their marriage .