McCarthy Hill Residents Raise Alarm Over Cement Factory

SOME CONCERNED residents at the McCarthy Hill community have vehemently protested the construction of a Chinese-owned Empire cement factory near the Pambro salt mines enclave in the area.

According to the residents, the cement factory poses a threat to the health of people living in McCarthy Hill, Tetegu Mallam, Gbawe, Weija, and its catchment areas because of the dust it emanates.

They said the activities of the factory will also affect the production of salt.

Addressing the media at a press conference in Accra, the Chairman of the McCarthy Hill Residents Association, Eddie Quaynor said the association is raising awareness so the government will be aware of the hazardous nature of the cement factory and the need to suspend the construction of the factory.

He said, “We are holding this press conference to protest against the sitting of the cement factory next to Pambros salt at South McCarthy Hill and its health implications it poses to the residents in the areas”.

He added, “Sitting up cement factory near the Pambros salt mines will pollute the water bodies and contaminate the salt we consume. We are just calling on the government to halt the construction of the cement factory to save the environment”.
Mr Quaynor further stated that the Chinese have on several occasions disregarded warnings from the Environmental Protection Agency to cease operations but instead are working day and night to speed up the construction of the factory.

“The Empire cement owners have avoided any engagement with the resident about the health hazard on residents. They have installed three aluminium Silos so far and are seriously excavating and filling up the low-lying areas to complete the construction of the cement factory”.

The General Secretary of Lower McCarthy Hill Landlord of Kofi Danquah said the Empire Cement factory is been built without any preliminary approval from the Environmental protection Agency (EPA).

Mr Danquah also stated that the EPA, Chief of Staff Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, and other state actors have petitioned to stop the construction of the Empire Cement factory on Pambros salt enclave but to no avail.

BY Prince Fiifi Yorke