Merqury Quaye Headlines DJ Concert In Ghana

Merqury Quaye 


Prolific Disc Jockey (DJ), Merqury Quaye, has announced the first-ever 100% DJ concert in Ghana with a headline show on the eve of Ghana’s Independence Day.

The star DJ cum MC will take to the stage and give an incredible performance for fans at Laboma Beach Resort, Accra, on Sunday March 5, 2023.

Last year saw him being crowned as ‘The Ultimate Entertainer’ by the Universal Meritorious Honors and hosting the Guinness Bright House Experience tour which was awarded ‘Campaign of the Year’.

Staged against the backdrop of Ghana’s independence celebration, Merqury Quaye Live Concert is a stunning production of music and lights designed to offer great spectacle and entertainment to attendees.

Merqury Quaye dedicates his performance to all Ghanaians – home and abroad, and invites his thousands of followers nationwide to come together for the event at Accra’s legendary landmark beach, Laboma, in a show of unity, rich culture and celebration of Ghana’s independence.

A list of DJs has been announced as supporting acts for the 100% DJ event, including Hitz FM’s DJ Ikon, DJ Legend, DJ Raennie, DJ Azonto, Gal Dem DJ and King Lagazee.