Methodist Church Opens Dome Circuit

Right Reverend Professor Joseph M. Y. Edusa-Eyison cutting the tape to inaugurate the Dome Circuit

The Methodist Church, Ghana, has officially opened its Dome Circuit at the Mt. Zion Society to spearhead the growth of six-member societies in the Northern Accra Diocese (NAD).

The circuit has societies including Mt. Zion, Trinity, Victory, Abuom Nursery, Pure Water Nursery and Christian Village Nursery Methodist under its jurisdiction.

The inauguration ceremony which coincided with the 10th Biennial Conference also provided an avenue for the circuit stewards and coordinators to be introduced to officially commence their work.

NAD Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, Right Reverend Professor Joseph M. Y. Edusa-Eyison, urged the leaders of the circuit to give sound and relevant theological education to make their members stand firm in the Lord.

“We want to see quality in the circuit’s administration and the ministers and stewards must allow people to express themselves and not impose leadership and authoritative decisions on them. That is objectivity,” he said.

Professor Edusa-Eyison, therefore, advised the circuit to aim higher, adding, “If you aim at the skies and fall, you will fall onto the mountains; however, if you aim the mountains, you will fall into the valleys.”

He beseeched them to show obedience when the leadership called for teaching, to enable them not to perish as a result of lack of knowledge.

The Leadership of the Circuit at the inauguration ceremony, resolved to continue to evangelize, work together in love seeking to enrich their ministries and strengthen their religious task, and to nurture children to grow in knowledge and the love of God in Christ.

The Superintendent Minister, Very Reverend John Wilmot Baiden, assured that the leadership was working feverishly with their members to accomplish the future projections and equip them with scripture knowledge and understanding to become mature Christians.

The future projections of the circuit is to make a 10 to 15 per cent annual growth in its evangelism drive, strengthen the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade, develop the Abuom Chapel building, complete the Pure Water Chapel building and acquire a land for Christian Village Nursery Society.