Miss Heritage Global Launched

Akwasi Agyemang

Miss Heritage Global has been launched in Accra as part of activities for the celebration of the ‘Year of Return.’

The event, which is scheduled for August 20, is expected to bring 55 women from various countries across the world to compete for the prestigious crown.

The launch ceremony ‒ which attracted a large number of personalities, including the contestants ‒ was performed by Kwadwo Antwi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ghana Tourism Development Company.

In a speech, Mr. Antwi said, “We had resorted to marketing Ghana on the international market, and it was not just about the ‘Year of Return’, but also to let people know that Ghana was the place to be, a good holiday destination for sports and anything touristic.”

The Business Development Manager of the Global Heritage, Mudzithe Phiri, on her part, explained that the Miss Heritage Global event started in 2013 by the Zimbabwean tourism, and for three consecutive years it has been hosted in South Africa.

She said during its inception, the organisers wanted something that would invite the world to come and experience Zimbabwe and develop their culture.

According to her, because of the ‘Year of Return’ celebration this year, they thought it wise to bring the event to Ghana, also because Ghana is one of the countries on the continent which has managed to maintain her local culture “and taken it along with her as we develop into a more modern global society.”

“Ghana is the country that we know we can invite people to come and really experience the authentic African culture and also be able to explore the heritage of the country,” she stated.

Madam Phiri indicated that the 55 women would come as ambassadors to experience the local culture of Ghana and be able to share that experience with their various countries.

She expressed appreciation to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and other partners for embracing the events, assuring that it would be a whole package that would help share the whole experience with the rest of the world.

The Chief Executive Officer of GTA, Akwasi Agyemang, acknowledged the organisers for choosing Ghana as the host of this year’s event which coincides with the ‘Year of Return’ activities.