MOFA Band Prepares For Canada

Members of MOFA Band


Members of the MOFA Gospel Cultural Band, are counting down the days as December approaches for the start of their scheduled trip for performances in Toronto, Canada.

The group, which has a finely honed Africa-influenced method of preaching the gospel through music, has been invited by the Afrique Nouvelle Musique (Africa New Music) organisation, to play at events in the Toronto area, between December 28, 2023 and February 20, 2024.

The MOFA Band’s point of view is that there isn’t only one way to get the good news of Christ across to people through music. So they have resorted to the multiplicity of rhythms from Ghana and other African countries, to relay their faith to others.

With two albums under their name and another collection in the offing, the MOFA Band has a repertoire that touches hearts with exciting African rhythms.

Some of their songs such as ‘He Is Yahweh’,  ‘African God’,  ‘Otumfu Nyame’, ‘None Like You’,  ‘Nyame Aye’ and ‘Saints’, remind everyone of how God has endowed different parts of the world with the ability to tell relevant stories from their own perspectives.

Made up of members from different Christian denominations, the group came into existence in 2017. It was formed through a music talent hunt dubbed, Touch God Talenta.

The MOFA Gospel Cultural Band always backs its uplifting messages with eye-catching stagecraft. To them, offering visually-appealing entertainment packages is an additional way of getting audiences to bond with their brand of gospel music.

Experienced music tour and bookings outfit, Afromondo, is involved with the upcoming MOFA Band Canada trip.


By George Clifford Owusu