Money Back Guarantee

It’s been a 2021 of paybacks. Some have dubbed it the year of refund to state coffers. Ɔsonomma have been paying back to the state what is judged by the congresspeople as ‘undue’ them, even when in clear circumstances, the monies were paid in accordance with practices initiated and sustained by the congresspeople themselves. I am referring to the allowances paid to the First and Second ladies which congresspeople badmouthed the two to return to state coffers.

In the heat of Covid, where no government on this our planet has not faltered in some version of missteps, I don’t see any Komenda Sugar factory, or Saglemi, or Airbus, or Embraer, or STX or election STL health minister scheme to steal from the state. I, and I’m sure many of my compatriots, still don’t know how much of the over GH¢51 million congresspeople paid to an individual in a ‘create, loot and share’ scheme, has been recovered for the state.

Many of us in the motherland are still waiting impatiently for the double salary refund by those who paid themselves salary in a grease my palm I grease your palm scheme dual role. The payments were salaries which are designed and made to be paid once only no matter the number of roles one is playing pari passu. They were not allowances which congresspeople have forced some fair ladies (because they are women) to refund showing ingratitude for all the work they had had to do on behalf of the state.

No one I know has forgotten that Madam Onaapo is yet to pay her own back. Honouring money back guarantee should infuse public money spending discipline for development. Yet, no congressperson is speaking about Madam Onaapo’s refund inaction because she is one of their own; all that despite her money-grabbing abuse of the office having travelled far and wide.

The retrieval is a small step forward in our chosen slow march to development. Our system has demonstrated itself to be weak on voluntary retrieval. A clear-cut mandatory retrieval system where timelines of refund are clearly stated is required.

This beef is not arguing the end justifies the means. It is not contending the process is less important than the results. Neither is it advocating mediocrity, in a perilously endangered development effort. It’s about individuals with privilege to disburse the common funds, taking full responsibility for their actions voluntarily, or being forced to involuntarily comply with the legal and moral standards of unjustifiably personally using other people’s money.

The GH¢51 plus mother of all refund is still pending. An update by the AG & AG departments, as well as the MoFEP will be most welcome. My compatriots want to know, mainly because those who chopped it and are still refusing to refund it are pointing unjustified accusing fingers at others for chopping without substantiation.

I read somewhere that Onaapo is campaigning that my compatriots should vote for his return in 2024 in order not to let the ‘NPP run away with their stolen money.’ Special prosecutor, please take our money back from him. He’s stashed the Embraer, Airbus, all the Dubai projects loan cuts, Kanazoe contract type skims, Komenda Factory and Saglemi benefits – all must be extracted from him.

Maybe if we had an effective mechanism to zumalise him for having thiefly zumaed the motherland, he would be spending time looking for ways to free himself than run around lying to innocent people whose hunger for development his selfish profiteering from state resources makes him incompetent to satisfy.

Anytime you hear a congressperson accuse an ɔsonoba of stealing, you can be sure that congressperson has stolen in multiple folds, what he or she is accusing another of. Why they are bashing WAEC by falsely peddling exam question leakage should baffle everyone. Only congress would ‘unfixingly’ want to destroy that reputable institution for its political purpose.

Whatever gets fixed, congresspeople’s forebears have unfixed. They spent over 20 years unfixing what Nkrumah and his successors fixed 1957-1979 and 1979-1982. When Kufuor did some mending fix, they came and unfixed that too, 2009-2016.

Congresspeople’s ampɛbrɛ kin who have chosen to live comfortably in German land were chanting we the slaves who have loyally chosen to stay and build the motherland should ‘fix’ her so they can return ‘home’ to enjoy the fruits of our labour. By ‘fix,’ they mean we should put their congress back in power to which I say ‘tɔfeakwa.’ They can languish in convenience and leave us alone to build and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Those congresspeople operating from afar Germany and other places know not or care not to know how what they say should be fixed came to be unfixed by their forebears what they think is unfixed but are crying to be fixed was all unfixed by their forebears who sold everything the state owned including our Gold Coast/Ghana Film Unit, films to foreigners.

Even as they remotely fix mismanage a teleguided manipulating motherland disruption to unfix what has been fixed by ɔsonomma fix fix campaign. Their proxy hatchet man Onaapo denies fuelling the fix fix, a no-fix which is actually amplified by congress’ ‘rented’ vigilante media. May the motherland be saved from congress ever gaining power by fair or foul means! They are incapable, and never will be capable, of instituting a money back guarantee to develop the motherland.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh