Most Songs Lack Spiritual Value- Enam



Ghanaian Songstress, Enam, has declared that majority of songs released by artistes nowadays are uninspired and have no spiritual significance.

Enam, who just dropped her single ‘Libation’, believes that music is one of the best tools for fostering a variety of interpersonal connections.

“Music is meant to touch something deep within us, something we call spirituality,” she said in an interview. “This connection can have a profound impact on our lives.”

Known for her Afro-Spiritual sound, Enam draws inspiration from the ‘Hadzivodushis’, priestesses of song in Ghana’s Volta Region.

“Music can touch our consciousness in ways that can be uplifting or detrimental,” she explained, adding “I believe some artists prioritise rhythm and danceability over the spiritual dimension of music.”

Enam’s mission is to revive interest in the spiritual resonance of traditional Ghanaian music.

Her recent EP, featuring highlife artiste Akwaboah, and her new single ‘Libation’ with its accompanying visuals, all exemplify this pursuit.

“There’s so much wisdom in Ghanaian music, especially in our indigenous practices.  Everything has a meaning and a purpose,” she added.

Enam’s comments have sparked discussions about the role of music in Ghanaian society, with some welcoming her call for a return to spiritual connection, while others debate the definition of spirituality in contemporary music.

“I see music as a mediator of spiritual life. Music has become part of everyday life, and I feel most songs lack spirituality.

“Some artistes are only concerned with the rhythmic aspect of the sound and how danceable it is, but forget the spiritual connotation,” Enam said.

The singer further stated that her purpose in pursuing the Afro-spiritual genre was to make people feel the spirituality of Ghanaian indigenous people, which was one of her reasons for pursuing a career in music.

Her new song, ‘Libation’, is accompanied by some intriguing visuals that invoke a feeling of oneness with the earth and water. At the core of it, that is what spirituality is all about and the oneness in the world we live in.

Official video of her new single can be accessed via