Mother of Accident Victims Encourages Funny Face To Forgive Himself

The mother of the young victims of Funny Face’s accident has extended words of solace and advice to the distraught entertainer.

Expressing empathy for Funny Face’s emotional turmoil, the woman urged him to forgive himself and embrace the journey of healing and self-reflection.

“The kids are fine but I want you to forgive yourself else you will be more depressed. Comfort yourself, move on with your life, and draw closer to God. Sit down and analyze yourself. Maybe before you became Funny Face, you were very close to God but after the fame, you departed from God,” she said in a video by KofiTV.

She made the statement when Funny Face, visited the children after being granted bail.

The mother’s compassionate counsel aimed to alleviate the burden of guilt and anguish weighing on the comedian’s shoulders.

Funny Face spent two weeks in police custody and was granted bail on Tuesday, April 9, 2024.

This followed an incident where his vehicle knocked down five individuals on the Kasoa highway, causing severe injuries to the victims.

The Kasoa-Akweley District Court set Funny Face’s bail at GH¢120,000, requiring two sureties.
He is slated to appear in court again in four weeks as investigations into the accident persist.