MUSIGLO To Hold Digital Music Seminar

Deborah Freeman

The Musicians’ Organisation Global (MUSIGLO) has announced plans to host an online music seminar to encourage its members to take advantage of the digital platforms to promote their various musical works.

The seminar which will take place on March 8 is being organized in partnership with the Royal Institute of Professional Music Studies. Some of the topics to be discussed include Today’s Successful Musician, The New Music Business, and Making Money in the Digital Space, among others.

It will feature some of the most seasoned music personalities in Ghana and Diapora who will share ideas, principles and experiences they have acquired within the music circuit over the years with participants.

It is expected to be attended by stakeholders in the music industry. It will enlighten music stakeholders about the modern trends in the digital marketing space.

The main focus of the workshop is geared towards pushing Ghanaian music beyond the borders of Ghana, and to create a platform to bring together new musicians to explore the future of the music industry.

The president of MUSIGLO, Mrs.Deborah Freeman, said the programme forms part of the capacity building programmes planned to improve the capacities of members in particular and musicians, in general, to remain competitive in the ever-changing music industry.

She indicated that the seminar will provide a platform for players in the music industry to study, understand and access opportunities in the emerging markets around the world.

She noted that the yet to be organised seminar would help music stakeholders to adopt strategies that would help them to push Ghanaian music to the global market.

According to her, it will also serve as a training of trainers seminar since the organisation cannot possibly reach all musicians nationwide directly so that those who will participate can go back to their home regions and share the knowledge to their colleagues who could not make it.

Mrs. Freeman urged musicians to take advantage of the online seminars for a thriving music carrier, adding that registration will soon be opened.

The Musicians’ Organization Global (MUSIGLO) is a global Organization of Musicians established for the purposes of championing the socioeconomic rights and welfare of Musicians across the globe.

It is open to musicians of all genres.

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