My Mother Is Traumatized After The Fire- Beverly Afaglo

Beverly Afaglo

Actress Beverly Afaglo says her mother is traumatized as a result of the unfortunate fire that razed down her house at Tema Community 9 on Monday.
According to her, her mom could not eat and she is also feeling very sorry on the suspicion that she started the fire.
“My mom has a garden at the back of the house. I mean a woman who is in her old age, she is always bored and she wants to do garden stuff. So she always goes to the farm, that’s what she calls it. On Monday she went to do her regular farming and gathered some weeds to burn. According to her the fire had gone down and so she left it to go and relax,” she told Accra-based radio, Hitz fm on Tuesday morning.
She added that later on her house help discovered smoke at her (Beverly) side of the building and she quickly drew the attention of the mother. They both rushed to the back of the house only to see fire razing the whole place.
“My mother was traumatized, she couldn’t leave the house. She hasn’t been able to eat. She feels very sorry for the situation. We don’t want to talk too much about it because this is something that we always tell her to stop burning but she always says after burning she will make sure the fire is off. Our concern was with smoke not fire ,” she disclosed.
Though the family suspected the fire emanated from bushfire, she indicated that they are also waiting on the Fire Service department to finish its own investigations to ascertain the cause.
Beverly is however not happy with the Fire Service because she said they arrived at the scene on time with water but they couldn’t douse the fire. She alleged that they complained about too much smoke in the house, something she expected them to have mechanism to handle as fire fighters.
“I was just standing there crying because everything was going. I couldn’t take anything, not even my passport. Nothing. How I went out in my slippers. It wasn’t like I was even going out for a function that I will say I was dressed. I was just wearing a T-Shirt and leggings with my handbag, sunglasses and my face mask. That was all. Everything was gone,” she indicated.
She said she is currently staying at her sister’s place to plan her next move.
Asked how people can support her, she said “I don’t know ooo. I don’t even have panties to wear. So anything is welcomed. I need to start building again. I need to get a place to stay. Yes I am staying at my sister’s house, yes we all have rooms I’m comfortable but there is nothing like you having your own place,”


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