Napo Warns TOR Workers

Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh 

MINISTER OF Energy, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh is sending a stern warning to workers of struggling Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) that government will not hesitate to do away with anyone who wants the nation only refinery collapsed.

According to him, he would not shield any worker of the Refinery including management found culpable of contributing to the collapse of TOR.

He noted that government wants to see change in attitude of workers in order to improve operation of the company.

“His Excellency the President do not want that under his regime that TOR will collapse but he wants more people employed. Anyone working here, management or ordinary worker who think his activities will not lead to the promotion of TOR should find himself a better place to work. I said this to the union leaders and they don’t like it. It’s not the duty of the workers to tell who manages, it is the duty of the management to ensure that TOR grows to be a profitable and heathy concern and if they are not up to it then it be up to the owners of TOR to bring in the necessary change needed,” Dr. Opoku Prempeh made the remarks when he paid a visit to TOR.

He assured the workers that government will work to bring in partnership to help TOR grow.


“And since government is the only shareholder in TOR, government will work to bring in partnership to TOR to help TOR grow. And when those partnership occur and I know they are going to occur very soon, we’ll not hesitate to remove stumbling blocks who want the collapse of TOR,” he warned.
Dr. Opoku Prempeh finds it difficult to understand why TOR is in financial crisis when there are companies owing the refinery, asking all workers to contribute their quota for the sustainability of the refinery.

He admitted that “the reality must be told that TOR is not in healthy state. If the activities of leaders behind me will lead to the loss of jobs of those opposite me then there is no point.”

According to him, albeit the massive private sector investment by government doesn’t mean government wants the public sector collapse but wants it to compete with the private sector.

“TOR is a strategic national asset and we’ll keep it safe and ensure TOR grows from strength to strength. We’ll make sure we support TOR with the needed partnership needed to grow and sustain it,” he mentioned.

He cried out over insubordination and insolence that has characterised TOR.

Touching on government vision for TOR, the sector Minister stated that government is determined to see TOR refine crude and exporting finished products to other markets to employ more workers and help the refinery grow.


FROM Vincent Kubi Tema