NPP, NDC In Voters Registration Counter Accusations

Francis Dodovi and Essel-Mills


THERE WAS drama when the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) accused each other over the ongoing voter registration exercise.

The two major political parties in the country virtually accused each other for bussing people to the various registration centers in Kumasi to get them registered by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Interestingly, the counter accusations incident happened in the studios of Akoma FM in Kumasi, when the limited voter’s registration exercise was being discussed.

Francis Dodovi, a leading member of the NDC in the Ashanti Region, set the ball rolling as he strongly accused the NPP of bussing people to the various registration centers to get them registered.

According to him, the NPP is desperate to hang onto political power so they were doing everything possible to register more people in the Ashanti Region, which is their stronghold.

“The NPP is bussing people from all corners of Kumasi to the registration centers to get them registered”, Dodovi, who is a former NDC parliamentary candidate for Suame Constituency, openly alleged.

Virtually mocking the NPP administration, he said the party has failed to deliver on their campaign promises so they were now doing everything possible to increase their votes in their strong fortress.

But in a sharp rebuttal, Michael Essel-Mills, a member of the Ashanti Regional NPP Communications Team, who was also in the studio, rather accused the NDC of bussing people to the registration centers.

“This is the modus operandi of the NDC, they would indulge in a bad act and would rather turn around to accuse you of doing it. This is one of their propaganda tools but it would not work this time.

“As I am speaking now, the NDC is bussing people to get them registered in the registration centers to increase their votes in the region in the 2024 polls, and he is sitting here to accuse the NPP,” he stated.

Mr. Essel-Mills stated emphatically that President Akufo-Addo’s administration has performed to perfection since they assumed the mantle of leadership so the party would retain power in 2024.

According to him, the NPP was not under any pressure ahead of the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections, stressing that another electoral defeat is starring in the face of the NDC.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi