Ogboro’s Random Thoughts!


“Over the generations, leaders have ranged from noble souls to shameless charlatans” – Thomas Sowell.

I cannot help but agree with the American author, economist and political commentator. We do not need to look far to find a shameless charlatan who will denigrate his own to win political points.

It is an open secret that even the Chairman of Anagoland’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) himself knows that the body he heads cannot be compared in any shape or form to Asomdwekrom’s efficient Electoral Commission (EC).

So only a shameless charlatan who pretends to love Asomdwekrom will say INEC is better than EC. One such charlatan is no other than President ‘Ogwanfunu’.

After heaping praises on the leadership of INEC and virtually taking his country’s EC to the cleaners, President ‘Ogwanfunu’ must be having scrambled eggs all over his face now. Before the Anagoland election, he exaggerated the efficiency of the INEC and said same could not be said of Asomdwekrom’s EC.

The elections are now over and voters, politicians and even observers say the blatant irregularities and abuse of the electoral processes make it impossible for the Anagoland election to be certified as free and fair. Indeed, all agree that there is nothing free and fair about that election.

Such abuse of the electoral processes cannot happen here in Asomdwekrom. All can now see that Asomdwekrom’s EC has a very robust electoral system in place. Anagoland’s INEC pales into the shadow in comparison.

So you see, INEC has put President Ogwanfunu to shame and exposed his lies and habitual antagonistic attitude towards the EC. Indeed, the wind has finally blown and exposed the messy anus of the fowl.

Next on my plate is the sordid killing of the young soldier and the consequent brutalities meted out to innocent citizens at Ashaiman. I agree with the sentiments that the reaction of the military was uncalled for. The inhumane attack on the innocent Ashaiman youth casts a very bad image on Asomdwekrom as a democracy.

I have no doubt that it will affect the country’s rating on human rights in the next report by US State Department and other agencies.

I, however, disagree with those who say President Nana Dee should publicly condemn the action of the military as sanctioned by the Military High Command. It will be politically unwise to do so considering the current economic challenges. Publicly condemning the military could be the trigger some adventurous soldiers are waiting for to attempt a coup d’etat. Yes, it may make President Nana Dee look like a coward. But it is better to be a wise coward than a foolish brave person.

As for the call on the president to apologize, the least said about it, the better. If that is to be accepted, then the president will have to apologize anytime a state agency makes a mistake. By extension, Mr. President will be expected to apologize for the shortage of child vaccines. He will also have to apologize for this year’s chaotic school placement. And the list goes on. Do you now see the absurdity of the call on him to apologize?

It is however gratifying to hear that suspects that could help solve the murder puzzle have been arrested. I pray the suspects are given the opportunity to have the needed legal representation and also be presumed innocent until proven guilty. With the public display of undemocratic actions by the military, I shudder to imagine what the military can do to the suspects in secret.

President Nana Dee presented the State of the Nation Address (SONA) last week. My take away from the SONA is this. Yes, the economy has been challenged and things haven’t been rosy at all. But we need to acknowledge some positives even in the midst of difficulties. Electricity supply has been stable, all necessities are available on the market, and we do not queue at fuel stations for fuel.

We take all these for granted, but they are little things we should applaud the government for. To those screaming “we are suffering”, you will know the true meaning of suffering when one or a combination of any of the three positives mentioned above becomes a negative.

So let’s count our blessings one by one, and we will see what the Nana Dee government has done!

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa Deo volente!