Oil and gas industry on steady recovery – GNPC CEO

Opoku .A. Danquah

The oil and gas industry having gone through a global slump during the covid pandemic, is now on the path of a steady recovery.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), O-A Danquah, who is scheduled to tour some project sites in the Voltaian Basin Project (VBP), explains that, the current shift towards a cleaner energy transition is to expedite the responsible and sustainable exploration of Ghana’s oil and gas resources, to meet the growing demand.

“This puts the VBP [Volta Basin Project] at the forefront of our priorities as management with our skilled and adaptable workforce channel all efforts to ensure our goal of spudding a well in the most sustainable and environmentally efficient manner comes to fruition,” he stated in an interview.

According to him, GNPC is currently exploring the prospects of hydrocarbons in Ghana’s onshore sedimentary basin (VBP) under a Reconnaissance license, deploying a mix of geophysical, geological and geochemical techniques with expectations to drill a well early next year.

The tour of the VBP, according to Mr. O-A Danquah, will afford him the opportunity to update himself on progress of work being undertaken.