Okomfour Kwadee Still Not Well, He Needs Help- Family

The family of renowned hiplife musician Jerry Anaba, better known as Okomfour Kwadee is begging the public to support him with financial assistance in his ongoing battle with mental health issues.

Ezekiel Aguyire, a family member, revealed in an interview with Joy FM that Kwadee is currently residing in their hometown of Mirigu Nabango, in the Upper East region.

Despite some improvements, Kwadee continues to struggle with his mental health and urgently requires financial aid for treatment.

“He is not feeling well. But now he is a little better. We need the help of Ghanaians for our brother now. He is not supposed to be here but because of the sickness (he had to leave Kumasi),” Ezekiel explained.

Ezekiel highlighted that multiple attempts to treat Kwadee have been hindered by financial constraints. “Even if you find the solution without money, you can’t do anything,” he stated, underscoring the dire need for financial support.

The family’s appeal comes in the wake of a recent video showing Kwadee performing at a gathering, looking frail and unkempt. The video, which circulated widely on social media, raised concerns about his well-being. Ezekiel expressed his disapproval of the video’s publication, noting, “A week ago, he went to do a show, they videoed him and took it to social media. That day I was not around but I came back and heard everything. I did not feel fine about it.”

Ezekiel further disclosed that the performance was organized by a family member from another town, and no payment was made to Kwadee. Adding to the family’s burdens, Kwadee’s father recently passed away, with the funeral scheduled for the coming weekend.

The family is now appealing to the public for any form of assistance to ensure Kwadee receives the necessary treatment and support during this challenging time.