Omane Boamah’s IT System Will Fail NDC Again In 2024 – Supporter Petitions Elders


A petition has been lodged with the Council of Elders of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), urging them to reconsider their recent appointment of former Minister of Communications, Dr Edward Kofi Omane Boamah as the Director of Elections and IT.

Delanyo Agbe, who describes himself as a “concerned NDC supporter and social activist, deeply invested in the progress and success of our party” called out Dr Omane Boamah’s lack of expertise in electoral processes and information and communication technology.

Mr Agbe wrote in his petition that “Election management and ICT are critical components of modern political campaigning”.

“Dr. Omane Boamah’s medical background, while noteworthy, does not seem to align with the intricate technicalities of information and communication technology and the complexities of electoral processes.”

“I implore you to consider this petition seriously and to engage in an open dialogue regarding the concerns raised.”

“The NDC’s future success hinges on our ability to adapt, evolve, and address shortcomings effectively.”

In response, Dr Omane Boamah denied an accusation that he was a board member and practitioner in charge of Afrah International Hospital, clarifying that he only practiced medicine part-time at the hospital.

He urged all to refrain from impugning the professional integrity of medical practitioners and their practice.


By Vincent Kubi